Dixie Land Energy provides the highest quality propane available to residential and commercial clients. We provide HD5 quality propane, also known as “Consumer-grade propane” or “brand special duty propane.” HD5 propane is a minimum of 90% propane, max of 5% propylene, the remainder consists of other gases such as iso-butane and methane. If you need propane delivery, we offer volume discounts for larger quantities of fuel delivered.

Propane Tanks

At Dixie Land Energy, you can purchase or lease a propane tank. If you choose to buy the tank, you will have the freedom to choose your propane provider. When you lease it from us, we will provide you with a free tank installation; we will maintain the tank for you and supply the propane. We also offer monitoring systems to make sure you never run out of propane. For more information on our tanks, call 888-517-3680.


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