Residential Propane Delivery

Dixie Land Energy provides a variety of delivery options. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service for details or if you prefer you may schedule your delivery online. We also offer a 24-hour answering service for “after hours” calls or emergencies.

A budget payment plan is available for propane customers with an established account or payments can be made with VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Discover. Residential tanks are available for lease or for sale. We also offer a wide range of in-house LPG and HVAC services or installations. From new gas lines or propane tanks to gas grills, gas fire pits or new heating and cooling systems.

With our automatic delivery program, you never have to worry about running out of propane, earn five cents off a gallon with “AUTO FUEL DELIVERY” and DLE leased tanks include free fuel tank level monitoring. Dixie Land Energy understands how busy life gets; we do our absolute best to keep fuel service uninterrupted. No fuel could bring your heater, hot water, clothes dryer, stove top, or oven to a grinding halt.

At Dixie Land Energy we work as a team to keep up with today’s sophisticated technology, allowing us to provide a valuable service. Every propane truck has on-board computers notifying the driver when you need service, and our dispatch team works hard making other nearby deliveries when we are in your area. Efficient routing for fuel delivery to customers in the same neighborhood means less travel time for us and we pass that savings along to you with the lowest fuel pricing we can offer and volume discounting.

All our service technicians, both LP and HVAC, are equipped with tablets and software, so we are always on the same page and can provide rapid response time to meet the needs and demands of our customers. You have come to expect a great level of service over the past twenty wonderful years, we strive every day to exceed those expectations and hope in turn you can recommend us to your friends, family, neighbors, post a positive reviews, passing on the fuel savings and good service to others.

Dixie Land Energy Residential Propane Delivery Options:

Will Call Delivery:

This option gives you the greatest level of control of when your fuel will be delivered. Manage your fuel needs by calling to schedule your delivery yourself. If you run out of propane, this will result in a leak test on your propane system which is billable.

Additionally, when a tank is empty, our surrounding Tri-State of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware laws all require an out-of-gas inspection prior to the tank being filled. Safety first, inspections are costly since we must perform a pressure test on the line running into your home and inspect all your propane appliances.

If you run out of heating oil, your burner will need to be primed and started. To avoid any issues and emergency delivery fees we recommend you contact us for your propane delivery when the propane tank gage reads 30%. When your heating oil tank is between ½ and ¼. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Scheduled Deliveries:

We also offer customers the chance to set up a time on our delivery schedule. On a scheduled delivery, customers can choose the interval of time between deliveries or set a window of time for the propane to be re-filled.

Automatic Delivery:

Sit back and save, we offer a $0.05 per gallon discount for residential customers. Let Dixie Land Energy manage your fuel deliveries to minimize the risk of running out of fuel. We use an advanced algorithm considering prior usage and outside temperature or degree days to determine when you may need a delivery. With our automatic delivery service, there is no need to worry about how much propane is left in the tank. This helps eliminate the need for emergency deliveries. Lastly, going automated, no need to call into schedule we will not let you run out of fuel, if we do, all associated fees are waved. Contact us for details.

Tank Monitoring:

Customers can also have a monitor installed on their tank which is the most accurate way of monitoring their fuel level as well as giving the customer the ability to view their fuel level from their phone rather than going to the tank. All Dixie Land leased tanks currently come with free monitoring services. Contact us for details.

Thinking of switching fuel providers?

Dixie Land Energy is a great local fuel delivery transport provider here in the Mid-Atlantic region, family owned and independently operated, we don’t like weird fees or hidden charges either, take some time to read some of the questions you should ask when selecting your fuel provider. Avoid looking back when it is too late and saying to friends and family… “I should have called Dixie Land Energy.”

Below is a recent third-party source article from the Michigan Public Service Commission: July of 2018.

Selecting a propane provider

Propane providers offer a variety of pricing agreements and delivery options. Get to know your propane provider and their products and services. 

Propane prices are not regulated under Michigan law. A contract sets the terms of the agreement between customer and propane supplier. Research your options, ask questions, and get everything in writing.

Pricing plans: fixed vs variable

Budget plans, pre‐pay plans, and fixed‐price plans can offer consumers savings when compared to buying at market price. Know your tank size and average propane use. This can help you get the best price and avoid over‐ or under‐buying. Read and understand your contract.

  • Budget plans spread your projected annual propane cost over several months, in equal payments. This type of payment plan can lessen the financial burden associated with the onset of winter.
  • Pre-pay plans are offered during the summer and allow you to pre‐purchase propane at a fixed price. This allows you to know your expense ahead of time and avoid price spikes.
  • Price-cap and fixed-price plans provide a guaranteed per‐gallon price for propane used during the heating season. Under a price‐cap plan, your price will not exceed your established price‐cap price per gallon, but can go down if the current market price drops. Some plans require an initial fee. Price cap options typically have a higher per‐gallon price than fixed price plans.
  • Market rate contracts indicate you will pay the seller’s daily rate for fuel. It is effected by many factors and can be highly variable.  Because of this, customers who use propane as their primary heating fuel are encouraged to participate in a pre-pay, price-cap, or fixed price plan. 

Ask about fees and other charges

In addition to the cost of propane, there may be other charges such as:

  • Installation
  • Service
  • Pickup or disconnect
  • Lease or equipment rental
  • Minimum annual usage requirements

Ask your propane provider for details on any potential charges before you sign a contract. These fees can have a big impact on your total out-of-pocket costs.

Delivery options

Most propane providers offer a keep‐full option that automatically refills your tank based on usage. Others allow you to monitor your usage and call when you need a delivery. Make sure you know how much advance time is needed to schedule a delivery. If you are on a contract that combines pre‐pay and keep-full options, providers will continue to refill your tank automatically even if you have used up your pre‐paid propane. The price per gallon may increase after you have used up your pre‐paid propane allotment.

Tanks: rent or own?

  • Renting or leasing a propane tank from the propane provider is convenient for most consumers. Safety and maintenance of the system is handled by the provider and some providers may waive the rental fee if a minimum volume of propane is purchased during the year.  Due to concerns of liability, most propane dealers will not fill a tank owned by another propane dealer.
  • Owning a tank can allow the customer to save money by comparison shopping for prices at each fill, however, the customer is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the tank and service line into the home. Propane providers are not required to inspect customer-owned tanks for leaks or other safety issues.

Switching Propane Providers

If you are not satisfied with the service or price of your current provider, you can switch providers. If you own your tank, a new propane provider may charge a fee for a safety inspection prior to filling the tank.  If you do not own a tank, a new tank must be leased through your new provider and specific safety regulations must be followed before the new tank can be set and the old one removed. Also, there may be fees associated with setting a new tank and removing the old tank.

Questions to ask your provider

  • What service and payment options do you provide?
  • Do you offer a monthly budget plan?
  • How is the price I will pay for propane determined? (annual usage, area of residence, or other criteria)
  • What fees or other charges will be added? Ask for a list in writing.
  • How often will I receive delivery? What days are delivery days? Are deliveries made on weekends?
  • How much will it cost to get delivery outside of my normal schedule?
  • Do I have to call when I need propane, or will you schedule my delivery? If I call you for delivery, how much notice do you need?
  • If I sign a pre‐pay contract or participate in a budget plan and use less than expected, what are your policies about a refund or credit?

Read the contract

Understand the contract before you sign. If you do not understand something in your contract; ask! A written contract explains the rights and responsibilities of buyer and seller. 

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