Research Funding Tools for Farmers


Farm Aid’s Farmer Resource Guides: Explore a comprehensive collection of resources assisting farmers with farm financing, legal support, and guidance for beginners in agriculture.

Funds for Farmers: by Marbleseed: A curated list of funding resources to aid farmers in their financial needs.

Understanding Federal Farm Programs: Delve into a 2021 guide by FACT, providing insights into four key USDA programs designed for livestock farmers.

Grants and Loans for Farmers: by USDA: Access general information about federal funding opportunities that can benefit farmers.

Growing Opportunity – A Guide to USDA Sustainable Farming Programs: Published in 2017, this guide outlines a range of government programs catering to sustainable farmers, including grants, loans, conservation, and cost-share opportunities.

Center for Rural Affairs: Access informative fact sheets in English and Spanish about cost-share and conservation programs offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).


Black Farmer Fund: Provides grants and loans to support Black farmers and food business owners in New York and surrounding states.

Foodshed Capital: Offers low-interest loans to assist farmers with capital and land payments, with a particular focus on BIPOC farmers.

Frontera Farmer Foundation: Grants are available to farms serving the Chicago-metro area.

Organic Farming Research Foundation Grants: Funding opportunities for research projects conducted on organic farms.

RAFI-USA Grant Opportunities: Cost-share grants offered to farmers and groups in North Carolina.

The Carrot Project: Discover low-interest loan and financing opportunities for farmers in New England.

The FruitGuys Community Fund: Grants designed to support sustainability projects for small farms and agricultural nonprofits.


National Young Farmers Coalition: Explore regional guides for training and capacity-building opportunities.

Educational and Training Opportunities from the National Center for Appropriate Technology: Find relevant opportunities in your area by using the search bar and typing “training”.”