Fuel Delivery

Dixie Land Energy provides a variety of delivery options. Feel free to contact us for details or to get started on setting up your delivery schedule.

Will Call Delivery

This option gives you the greatest level of control of when your fuel will be delivered. You can manage your fuel needs by calling to schedule you delivery yourself. If you run out of propane, this will result in a leak test on your propane system which is billable. If you run out of heating oil, your burner will need to be primed and started. To avoid these issues, and emergency delivery fees we recommend you contact us for your propane delivery when the tank is around 30% low and when your heating oil is between ½ and ¼. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Scheduled Deliveries

We also offer customers to go on a set delivery schedule. On a scheduled delivery, customers can choose the Interval of time between deliveries.

Automatic Delivery

You can manage your fuel deliveries to minimize the risk of running out of fuel. We use an advanced algorithm that takes into consideration the outside temperature to determine when you need a delivery. With our automatic delivery service, there is no need to worry about how much fuel is left in the tank, and there will be no need for emergency deliveries, and most of all, you don’t need to call us. We will not let you run out of fuel. We offer a $0.05 per gallon discount for residential customers. Contact us for details.

Tank Monitoring

Customers can also have a monitor installed on their tank which is the most accurate way of monitoring their fuel level as well as giving the customer the ability to view their fuel level from their phone rather than going to the tank.


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